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Weldmesh Mattresses used to prevent erosion from the river.

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Take advantage of the following benefits free of charge as part of our service:

  • Design Proposal detailing the loadings on the wall.
  • Onsite Demonstration if required.
  • Help and Advice from our Technical Sales Team.

Please Note that all assumptions and calculations on design must be checked and approved by a structural engineer. Alternatively we also provide a full design service at an additional cost requiring a full site survey.

Please feel free to contact a member of our sales team on Belfast +44 (0) 2890 454599 Ashbourne +353 (01) 8027173 or click the button below to send your enquiry via email.
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Gabion systems are used in engineering projects to provide economical and effective solutions to prevent or correct erosion. Rivers, coasts, roads, embankments and railways can all be subject to fluctuating or continuous erosion, demanding planned defenses that counteract the forces involved.

Installation can be temporary or permanent. In addition gabions can be used to create walls and retaining structures where a rustic, natural aesthetic is required.

BBA_logoWeldmesh Concertainer Gabions offer substantial labour saving compare to woven units. They come partially pre assembled with pre formed bracing ties, helicals and locking pins. All products carry BBA and CE certification and conform to all relevant British and European specifications.

Further Benefits

  • 25% faster assembly than traditional gabion systems.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Quality assurance (EN ISO 9001:2000).
  • Inherent strength.
  • Snag free joining system.
  • 100% recyclable.

The mesh configuration is 75mm x 75mm and all gabions should be filled with a Frost resistant durable stone such as limestone or granite of block size 100-200mm. You require approximately 1.8 tonne of fill for every 1 m3. Once the Gabion wall is installed it can be back-filled straight away and there is no need for additional drainage system as the wall is self draining.

Common Application of Gabions include:

Click on the links to take you to the correct gabion for that application.

Gabion Hog Ring Assembly Gun.

Hog Ring Assembly Gun, used to assemble gabions

You can hire the Hog Ring Assembly Gun to quickly assemble gabions from our Access and Safety Store