Handrail Connectors

An inline internal tube connector as a means of joining tube end to end without the need for cutting or welding.  This fitting can only be used with 3.2mm wall thick tube and is not recommended for high or tensile load applications.

Ideal for on site applications, where hot works are restricted.



Disabled Access Ramps


Shelving and Racking

Safety Barriers

Hazardous area demarcation

Expanding ConnectorExpanded Connector

Expanding handrail connectors are used for joining:- 25mm nominal bore (33.7mm OD), 32mm nominal bore (42.4mm OD), 40mm nominal bore (48.4mm OD) tubular handrailing.

The Handrail Connectors are simply pushed into the tube and secured by tightening the grub screw with an allen key. This type of connection is generally used for 3.2mm thick handrail.


Dowel Connectors

Internal Wall pad
Each section of handrail tube is drilled and tapped to enable an M8 grub screw to be located between the groove of the connector and be secured into position. This type of connection is generally used for 4mm thick handrail.


Dimpled Connectors

Dimpled Elbow Connector
Dimpled connectors are used to obtain an extremely quick joint, simply push the connectors into one of the tubes, align the arrow on the crimping tool and then squeeze the handles of the tool together. Dimpled connectors are only suitable for 25nb (33.7mm OD) tubular handrailing.