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Excerpt from the Metal Mesh Pocket Guide

Metal Mesh Overview

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Ridgeway’s Metal Mesh products overview

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Ridgeway corporate brochure

Metal Mesh Guide

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Metal Mesh Pocket Guide – click the image to see the brochure animated.

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Ridgeway general building site product overview


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Metal Mesh:

Flowforge – An ideal solution for flooring walkways.

Architectural Press Gratings – widely used in construction, engineering and manufacturing environments.

Woven – wide range of uses from cladding and balustrades to garden furniture and screens.

Weldmesh – available in panels or rolls and used for dog runs, hay racks, machine guards, window guards, aviary cages, material handling, building, construction, agriculture and horticulture.

Perforated – innovative state of the art cladding products prioritising aesthetics alongside functionality.

Expanded – an extended range of versatile meshes for use in a wide range of applications, from automotive to laths, walkways and screens.

Clamps and Tube – Ridgeclamp system for entrances, balustrades, disabled ramp access, staircases, shelving and racking, safety barriers, trolley barriers.

Handrailing – Saferail is a fully fabricated system stocked in standard or modular shapes for fitting together. For use in emergency exits, industrial stairways etc.

Precision Perforated – The very latest technology in laser perforation allows complex designs from photographs to be punched onto steel panels creating unique facades and cladding for building exteriors.

Zinga Galvanising – offers all the advantages of hot-dip galvanising and thermal zinc spray but without the application and overcoating problems.

One of our expanded metal mesh products was used  in the  Grand Designs Channel 4 show. Read more about the ambitious TV building project here.