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Here at Ridgeway we have a vast range perforated metal and we are the all Ireland distributor for RMIG.  RMIG is the largest perforation company in the world. They offer a wide range of perforation patterns, perforated metal screens and related products.

Whether it’s functional or decorative, we have you covered.  Perforated sheets can be used to benefit in many situations such as noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration  and as a decorative  finish.  The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications.


Whether you are using Round Hole Perforation for technical or decorative applications it is the most frequently used in our perforated products.  Geometrically, a round hole is the most solid shape.   It also provides the possibility of a large open area and strength and comes in triangular, diagonal, straight or staggered rows and also with decorative holes.   It can be used in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, building, recycling and IT.  Round hole perforations offer an aesthetic decorative privacy shield and increased protection against the sun.

Round Hole Perforated


As with round holes, whether functional or decorative, perforated sheets with square holes can be used in many different ways.  Square holes can be supplied with parallel rows, diagonal rows or staggered rows. In addition, square hole perforations allow a high open area for applications such as ventilation and guards.  It can be used for safety and ventilation sheets and also facades.

Square Hole Perforated Metal


Slot hole perforations can have either round ends or square ends (rectangular holes) and are typically used for sieves.  Depending on your application requirements there is a range of slotted holes and patterns e.g staggered or straight rows, herring bone and chessboard from which to select.   Slot Hole Perforation can be used as sieves for grain drying and sorting and also malting floors (drying-kiln and germ hutches).

Slot Hole Perforated Metal


Bridge slot perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provides great resistance for filtering and ventilation.  Bridge slot perforation is often used for water drainage shafts and drying.  Bridge slot perforation is typically used for drying and storing solid matters and materials of all kinds including herbs, tea, grain and grass seed, maize, rape and wood chips.  The open area of bridge slot perforation is variable and depends on the depth of embossing.  An embossed depth of 1.5 mm (suitable for rape seed) provides an open area of 3.7 % for ventilation.   Another example is sheets with an embossed depth of 3.0 mm giving an open area of 9.1%.  Ideally seed and grain need to be stored in an area with a moisture content of less than 14.5%. If the storage area is too moist, fungus infestation and self-heating can follow.   RMIG Bridge slot sheets offer you a drying solution with appropriate optimised ventilation.  With their open area RMIG Bridge slot sheets allow permanent free flowing ventilation.

Bridge Slot Perforated Metal


Discover the world of ornamental perforation.  Want to be different?  You are familiar with all the usual perforation patterns, but would like to offer something new and exciting to give the final product that extra special touch!  Why not try using ornamental perforation?  Experience the unconventional patterns in the world of perforation.   Applications such as sun screens, protection screens or facade panels are just a few applications to mention and there are so many more possibilities for the use of ornamental perforated sheets.

Ornamental perforated metal

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