Ridgeway stock Dura GRP Industrial Flooring

Ridgeway stock a range of Dura Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) flooring which is suitable for industrial applications.   GRP is composite material made from a thermosetting plastic resin reinforced by fine glass fibre, along with the use of additives and is commonly referred to as fibreglass.

Dura Slab:-

Dura Slab is a precision engineered high capacity heavy duty structural flooring slab.  It is designed to replace heavy duty concrete.  Dura Slab has a lightweight design which is low maintenance and dramatically reduces the cost of installation as well as transportation costs.

It is ideal for new constructions but is also well suited for refurbishment applications to replace old, heavy and cumbersome traditional flooring materials.  Dura Slab’s characteristics make it more favourable than using steel, timber or concrete systems due to its lower weight, anti-slip surface, ease of installation and absence of maintenance.

Dura Slab is an immensely versatile material, it combines lightweight with inherent strength to provide a resilient finished product.  It comes in a variety of surface textures and virtually unlimited ranges of colours.

Dura Slab
Dura Slab

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Dura Grating:-

Dura Grating has one of the highest degrees of slip-resistance ever measured for a walking surface.

The panels we stock are made from moulded technology with a combination of resin and pure glass fibres.  These are manually orientated special moulds and produce a wide range of grating depths and mesh patterns.

The GRP panels are formed of a single piece construction with bi-directional load-bearing properties, providing greater options for site cutting and fabrication.

Dura Grating
dura grating

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