Hot Aqua Blaster

Hot Aqua Blaster

Hot Aqua Blaster in use at Ridgeway

The Waterkracht Hot Aqua Blaster is a powerful cleaning system which comes complete in a handy trailer. With its range of temperature and pressure settings it offers a unique all-round power cleaning system. It is designed to use considerably less water and operating pressure than conventional models making it an environmentally-friendly choice for exterior cleaning and disinfecting.

The Hot Aqua Blaster employs a unique patented BHWT (boiling hot water technique) by means of an Ecoboiler contained in the trailer.

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  • High efficiency Eco Boiler, stainless steel inside and outside casing, in combination with heat exchanger.
  • Optimum and clean fuel combustion.
  • Low CO2 emission.
  • Guaranteed fuel saving up to 20%.
  • Boiling Hot Water Technique® (patent 1015139 and 1018458) with a guaranteed and permanent water temperature of + 100°C at the nozzle.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Uses no chemicals.

For industrial cleaning such as the removal of graffiti, moss and lichen, paint and chewing gum etc.

Only clean water is used, no chemicals are involved.

Widely used in Europe.