A full range of handrail stanchions, otherwise known as handrail standards in both a tubular and solid bar construction.  Stanchions are upright posts that can be provided in various diameters designed to support various sizes of horizontal rail.

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Available Sizes

 Solid Stanchions Sizes
Shank Size Ball Size Rail Size
32mm 63mm 33.7mm o/d (25nb)
38mm 70mm 33.7mm o/d (25nb)
38mm 70mm 42.4mm o/d (32nb)
45mm 80mm 42.4mm o/d (32nb)
45mm 80mm 48.3mm o/d (40nb)
Tubular Stanchions
Shank Size Ball Size Rail Size
25nb 64mm 25nb (33.7mm o/d)
32nb 64mm 25nb (33.7mm o/d)
32nb 75mm 32nb (42.4mm o/d)
40nb 75mm 32nb (42.4mm o/d)
40nb 75mm 40nb (48.3mm o/d)

Industrial Stairways

Platform areas

Raised Walkways

Conveyor platforms

Disabled Access Ramps

Mezzanine Floors

Fire escapes

Emergency Exits

Pedestrian walkways

Shelving and racking

Kids play equipment

Disabled access

Base Plates

A wide range of base plates are available to accommodate various installation requirements.

Type A Base Plate

Type D Base Plate

Type NX Base Plate

Type FX Base Plate

Type GX Base Plate

Removable Stanchions

For areas where it may be required to remove the handrail system from time to time, we can offer a removeable stanchion.  The Type E stanchion has a plain end with a  collar welded to it.  This stanchion is secured in place using either the Type J or Type H socket, dependent on the required fixing method.

Type E Stanchion

Type J Socket

Type H Socket

Made To Order Stanchions

Handrail Stanchions can be manufactured with many variations including single ball stanchions, 3 ball stanchions and can be manufactured with special base plates.  Where necessary gate hinges and toe plate brackets can be welded to the stanchions, however if a speedy delivery is what you want, you should consider our stock range of stanchions.

Stock Stanchions

To facilitate speedy deliveries, we have thousands of stanchions and standard handrail bends in stock ready to go.  Delivery can usually be made within 3 days.  See our stock holding for the details of our typical stock range

* Although an industry standard, 550mm ball centres does not comply with BS4592.  For compliant stanchions, 500mm ball centres are available within our range.