Graco Create Airless Sprayer for Every Professional

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Graco has reinvented its airless sprayer family to have a specialist machine for every type of end user.

Graco customers have a number of things in common regardless of the industry they are in.  They all value quality and performance from their Graco units, and the service they need after purchasing. Graco have created over 40 new sprayers, divided into 3 different series, each with different features based on customer requests and demands.

The everyday reliability that the Standard Series provides, can be viewed onsite in our Ridgeway showroom at 103 Airport Road West, Belfast.  We would welcome anyone interested in upgrading or choosing equipment to call and speak to a specialist member of our sales team on 02890 454599.

The Standard Series has been streamlined for those professionals looking for technology that is proven to do the trick, time and time again. They don’t necessarily need the extras, but rather value everyday reliability and industry standards they can trust to get the job done.

Work smarter with the ProContractor Series It’s for these professionals that Graco keeps reinventing spray equipment technology. They include top of the line innovations, for top of the line professionals that aren’t satisfied with “just” high quality technology, but demand more. Because this is what distinguishes them from other professionals. This is where they save time and money. This is where they stand out.

The IronMan Series goes beyond job site tough, and is designed for professional that endure where others yield. Job sites with a lot of debris don’t scare them off, which is why Graco understands they need equipment which is a tough as they are. Equipped with features that help them stay on the job, no matter what. To each his own, in other words… Whether you’re looking for everyday reliability, innovations that allow you to work smarter or the ultimate durability – the new Ultra Max II, Mark Max and GMax II ranges come in a Standard, ProContractor and IronMan series, each equipped with specific features valued by each specific type of customer. The features on the Standard series made these units into the industry standard that is valued by customers looking for proven technology and everyday reliability

The Advantage Drive system is where Graco units traditionally stood out! This robust system transfers power from the electric engine to the pump most effectively and makes sure you get the power you need to spray the material you want.
SmartControl 3.0 with standard pressure gauge – the SmartControl “brain” has always provided Graco sprayers with a very reliable pressure regulation. The 3.0 version does that and more: sprayer protection, easier diagnostics and ….
GracosEndurance Pump consists of proven and reliable piston pump technology with LongLife-V packings and a QuickAccess intake valve to easily clean or clear debris.
The features on the ProContractor series will allow the smart professional to stand out thanks to innovations that will allow him to work more comfortably and save time and money

The QuikReel Integrated Hose Reel will allow them to easily roll hose lengths up to 90m out and up and spray in a range of 180m without moving the unit. Faster, more comfortable and more efficient! On top, the ProContractor series comes equipped with 30m hose, right out of the box!
The new and improved ProConnect 2 saves even more valuable time. A pump can truly be exchanged within a matter of seconds – and bringing an extra pump keeps the sprayer on the job site and out of the shop!
With the SmartControl 3.0 these series have a new “brain” as well, and on top it comes equipped with an LED display! Same pressure control, same protection, same improved diagnostics, and much easier to read from a distance!
The features on the IronMan series offer the tough professional the ultimate durability needed to keep working in extreme conditions.

The Roll Cage Frame design withstands the most extreme abuse from industrial job sites.
The Flat-Proof Tyres cannot be flattened by nails, screws or other debris.
The Extreme DutyMaxLife Pump is the industries longest lasting pump. Utilizing ultra hard treatment technology from the Oil and Gas industry, its surfaces stay smooth much longer which extends packing life.
The Standard, ProContractor and IronMan series are now available on…

– Ultra Max II 695, 795 and 1095! Mark Max V, VII, X and our brand new Mark Max IV – the ideal unit for painters doing the occasional skim coat plaster job! – GMax II 3900, 5900, 5900 HD, 7900 and 7900 HD!  …and are built specifically for today’s demanding projects! Click here to visit our website Spray and Pump Section To speak to a specialist Graco sales person at Ridgeway, please call 02890 454599.